Market Analysis and Assessments to optimize strategies, sales and achieve maximum results locally.

ESKZ GLOBAL was created with a clear aim, to help and accompany international companies and investors to do business in complex markets like Central Asia. These markets require a considerable amount of time and economic resources for mostly companies, that can be avoided with the right partner.

ESKZ GLOBAL provides to its clients a comprehensive service in order to allow Spanish and international companies to introduce their services and goods in CIS countries overcoming any language, cultural and legal barriers.

Having its offices in Spain, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, ESKZ GLOBAL offers the possibility to enter in CIS markets by finding local partners, distributors and direct clients. To reach this target ESKZ GLOBAL offers several services adapting it to any profile of public or private companies:


Business Agendas with additional “follow up” after the service in different countries in same trip;


Research and seeking of high quality contacts in the region;


Organization of top level meetings with public and private institution, VIP and any other profile of interest for our clients; this meetings will take place in destination market or bringing them to Spain;


Organization of workshops in destination, in Spain or Skype with experts in different sectors;


Inverse and Direct commercial missions;


Legal Advisory, Opening and registration of companies (LLP, JV, etc.).